Walkinstown Greenhills Resource Centre
Funding round:
2018 Round 1
Republic of Ireland

Walkinstown Greenhills Resource Centre

Mens Shed Enterprise Development Project

We are Walkinstown Greenhills Resource Centre, a not-for-profit, community-based organisation looking after the mental health needs of our community through a range of therapeutic supportive interventions for children and families.

The support we have received from the Skills & Opportunities Fund will help us to grow our Men's Shed Enterprise Development Project. Already successful in producing and selling a range of wood-based products - mainly community flowerbeds, school benches, bird feeders and other garden furniture, the group have reached the stage where they wish to upscale the project and turn it into a more professional and viable venture.

Our recent funding will be used to provide skills-based training aimed at equipping the 38 men involved to create and develop a number of enterprise projects. We'll build upon the wide range of skills of the men involved in this project and provide opportunities for learning and development that will enhance their quality of life, especially in relation to their physical and mental health. The project will also generate greater social capital and bring a great deal of added value to the local community.