Quality Matters
Funding round:
2017 Round 2
Republic of Ireland

Quality Matters

We Make Good

We are Quality Matters, a not-for-profit organisation, working with organisations across Ireland to improve social service provision.

Our We Make Good project aims to address the lack of employment opportunities for ex-offenders and other at-risk communities who are often motivated to find work but who frequently come across barriers too great to overcome. We Make Good is developing an Irish manufacturing network across emerging social enterprises in probation and DSP-funded organisations, to create manufacturing-based sheltered employment producing Irish-designed furniture and homewares. This creates sustainable paid work for marginalised people in Ireland, including those with a history of imprisonment or mental health challenges, a practical and sustainable solution to the problems faced in rehabilitation.

Receiving this funding will allow us to create prototypes and bring to market a range of Irish-designed products. We estimate that we will create 10 part-time paid jobs in year one alone.